I woke up to a statement this morning and it has been ringing so hard. In fact, the blasting levels can’t be controlled anymore, I just have to inscribe something on this page.

The statement says, “if common knowledge is common practice, the world will be a better place.”

This statement implies that we know so much, yet, do so little. This applies to everyone in one way or the other because we are quite guilty on a number of things that we know (common knowledge) but don’t put into use (common practice).

 I am not talking about “not walking the talk” per se, because you may not necessarily preach it, but it is rather something which describes “not doing the known.” Let’s go over some of the common ones.

  • You are aware that making use of a to-do list keeps you organized and brings about greater productivity, but you won’t do it.
  • You know that studying will make you pass that examination, but you will rather chat and walk the street
  • You’ve read that exercise is good for your health, but you have never tried one – not even taking a walk or using the staircase.
  • You’ve been told by experts that Dairy products lead to increased oil production and blocked pores which is responsible for that acne breakout, but you have decided to choose it as your favourite food. We have many more examples, but I do hope that the point is made.

So, why is common knowledge not a common practice?

You will agree with me that people do crave for excellence but rarely do pay the price. This means that as humans, we love to do the right things, but we don’t get to do the things right. This doesn’t insinuate that we do not know what to do (even though we have the category of those who don’t) but that we just don’t seem to put our knowledge into practice because of the following reasons;

Not popular

Sometimes, we are aware of particular principles and the efficacy of such but will still choose to doubt the process because it is not commonly acceptable. The fact that it is not a widespread practice should even trigger you to stick to it, (because narrow is the way). Maybe your friends, colleagues, and even family members do not find it acceptable, then, you find it as a verdict to not go forward with it even when it’s obviously suitable for you.

How to tackle this fix, is to simply put into practice that idea and see for yourself instead of listening to what people are saying about it.


This is a www.number one dream killer. Procrastination is an enemy of success that everyone should have done away with by now, but trust me, it keeps rearing its ugly head every time until you devise a means to shut it up totally.

So, you have just returned from a workshop where you’ve learnt that saving for the future is expedient. You really like to put this into practice but you never really get to do it because of so many reasons you have to give of which procrastination is the chief. Many people have dealt with this in the past and have their own success stories.

As for me, the only way I have successfully dealt with procrastination was to highlight the dangers of delaying what I am supposed to do right now. Also, I write a to-do list everyday, and I make someone hold me accountable for really big projects at hand. Whichever way rocks your boat, go for it. Just make it work.

Laziness / Lack of Discipline

We have quickly forgotten the famous phrase which goes by, ‘No pain, no gain’. We’ve got to work pretty hard and smart, at achieving all of our goals. So, we end up having a common knowledge but lack a common practice because we are not ready to give it what it takes.

For instance, imagine the life of a self-employed man characterized by late nights and early morning. Whereas a budding entrepreneur understands this principle as the best way to go in order to achieve utmost result. Now, this entrepreneur listens to his alarm ring at 4 a.m but snoozes to 8:30 a.m.

How to go about this is to give it all it takes, bearing in mind that the profit will come someday. Self control (discipline) is very key in becoming a better person and achieving all of our goals.


Distractions are basically those other things we spend our time doing instead of concentrating on what is expedient. They will not count as distractions if they don’t get to affect our productivity.

For a young business owner, distractions can come in form of  but not limited to hanging out with friends or spending too much of productive time chatting on social media. To overcome distractions, you need to sacrifice so many things you were used to doing. It is never easy, trust me, but we have to do what is necessary because we can’t eat our cakes and have them.


Find a moment of quiet and do what a scholar referred to as “recollection in tranquility”. This entails introspection, looking inwards to find those things you know (common knowledge) but have not started doing (common practice).

All it takes to start doing what you know (which implies the right things) is to do away with what stops you from doing them as highlighted above and many more that you will come to discover. You have what it takes right within you. Why not launch it at this very moment? Just Do It!!!

Thanks for reading…

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Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


  1. This is well articulated. So much lessons to be learnt from this wonderful piece. Keep the fire burning Becca. Lit 🔥

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