Hello, my people! How una dey, today? How is the election atmosphere around you? It’s been a while and i will like to hear from you. Yes! you…

Ehen, there is so much going on recently. I just want to urge you to be careful than usual, especially during this election. May we never be victims of circumstances IJN – Amen.

So, Israel Padonu (artpadonu) has taken time once again, to make a pre-election message-filled painting. As a usual practice, he also scribbled a wonderful piece to accompany the artwork – titled “The Middle One”. Do enjoy!!!


I’m neither for the broom
Nor for an umbrella,
I belong to everybody
And I belong to nobody,
There are more than twelve
A crowd mind is not mine;

Expectations were once reduced to consternation
Doctors and false labour
She’s back in same state as week before
No abortion
Give us this child
Just give me the middle one;

Tough people and trying times
Collect their money, but vote your conscience
That they try to buy your freedom
A reason you must sell your cell, prisoner!
And sometimes the right ones play the games too
Dirty means are options to corner familiar demons

I’m no preacher man
But look to Golgotha
Thieves on both sides
The middle I look
72.7million fingers of one doctor
Abort a bastard, but give me the middle one

If the saviour is the one I’m about to reject
I’m sorry I don’t know any better
But my conscience is my peace
My mind at home
Through the jungle of what tomorrow becomes
All I crave is the middle one

A Nigerian pre-election artwork.
Postal Colour and Blue pen.

Thanks friends. Share this message as you wish.

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Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


  1. Marvellous olamide Reply

    Wow, I love this! I was inspired when I read your rejection story on Instagram yesterday night and dis mrn my day begins with dis wonderful poem and art work. Continue the good work Becca’s diaries

    • I’m glad my rejection story inspired you. Thanks for the kind words. I’ll pass your gratitude to my brother (the artist) as well. Thanks for dropping by.

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