Dear Becca Diaries Fan (BeDaF), good morning to you out there! How are you today? I am so excited about a short story I’m building up. I have been quite distracted but found time to publish a part of the story I started way back 2011. Wow! Such a long time. I recently stumbled on the story and decided to finish up. I wish I could find my first prose written in 2000. But yeah! Not yet!                                            For now, I have brought to you – Wake up, Distracted.

Please read and tell me what you think. Enjoy.

Chapter One

“Leave me alone”, Oviyon shouted. Throwing books and clothes at me.

“Is it your fault?” I muttered under my breath.

Don’t worry I will soon leave your house for you” I concluded, feeling stupid afterwards.

“Go, go. I say go” he continued “go back to your house or don’t you have mummy and daddy like me and Mautin?”

I decided to keep quiet after his last statement because it will be unheard of to exchange words with such a kid.  Oviyon is 6 and I am 19, as such, I wondered what the world is turning into – such impertinence.

I thought of locking him up in a room but quickly snapped out of the thought because Oviyon will scream down the entire apartment. They live in a decent 2 bedroom flat and a master bedroom where I have been comfortably hosted.

I had travelled all the way from Ibadan to Lagos to spend 3 weeks with my aunt who lives with her husband and 2 kids. And your guess is as good as mine, – I have overstayed my welcome already, barely two weeks after.

I remember my first few days in this house, when I was cared for like a queen after her coronation. But it never occurred to me that I will soon stylishly and explicitly become a subject of ridicule by these oshinrin (Yoruba for ‘tiny beings’). I didn’t know I will come to regret my stay.

It was a long time my aunt left for Lagos with her family. Mautin and Oviyon were ages 3 – 1 when we last saw them. Sometimes, we feel the distance between Lagos and Ibadan has increased in size, matching that of Africa and Asia.

So, mother thought it a bright idea when I approached her with my desire to spend 3 weeks of my transition period (for JAMB to favour me), with her sister in Lagos. In fact, my entire family saw the idea as enterprising to visit them after 5years of departure.

“Feranmi, just be careful with her, remember she is hot tempered, although very kind at heart” mother advised me.

“I still remember the day she screamed at me in the presence of my friends for not following her instructions” I narrated all over.

“Thank God you remember this. It is very important” she resolved

On getting to Lagos, I minded my business as I have been widely directed. At first, I equipped myself with a huge folder of movies, watching a new one every now and then – I had access to a free laptop in the house. I have never owned a laptop, but mother promised to get me one as soon as I gain admission into the university.

It was not hard to realize that the only companion I have are two naughty kids, Oviyon (a boy of 6years) and Mautin (a girl of 8years). The only activity I enjoy around them is narrating stories because they possess good listening skills. I am to become their personal storyteller.

My routine every morning is to wash the plates, sweep the house and ensure that the drums are filled with water. I also await instructions on additional tasks every other day. I only get to do what I am told to do and not what I think should be done – I no dey too like sabi sabi.

For instance, if the children’s wares are dirty, I can wash them when told to do so and never volunteer to do so on my own discretion.

Or am i wrong?

Await the next chapter!

Read the next chapter here


Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


  1. AMOS MUNDI Reply

    next chapter already… pleaseeee…

    that’s the experience with plenty people most especially in this country

    • I’m at it already bro… I’ll be posting tomorrow. The experience is massive – just wait for it!

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