Happy Sunday Fam. How are you doing today? I read something on my friend’s Whatsapp status and i want to share it with you. It’s a quick read on how you view success and relate with debts, just let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


Ghen ghen!!!


Men, women, boys, girls, in fact brethren, what can you say about this? Have you ever judged people’s level of success on your first meeting or after a long time based on their mode of appearance? This can actually be a two-way thing; either you have taken a flamboyant lifestyle for great success or a simple and very humble appearance for being poor/managing.

The narrator of the story mentioned that she has taken a heavy loan to be that cool and i believe the other man must have acquired loans to build up his company too. But all debts are not just debts… come with me!

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the writer of the famous book – Poor Dad, Rich Dad, there are debts gotten to acquire assets and others for mere liabilities. As young people, we should ensure analyzing whatever we are purchasing to know if they are assets or liabilities. Assets help you gain more money and in the process remain sufficient to repay all debts while liabilities will help spend your money and accrue more debts at the end.

Same way so many people will spend a lot on their wedding ceremony just to show-off or meet-up, whereas the so called rich are keeping it simple. Although, this is a story for another day!

The question today is, what is your attitude towards debts and in fact, money in general? Please, feed me with your thoughts…

Thanks for reading…


Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).

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