Hello friends, it’s been a while on Becca Diaries (BD)– oh yeah! I know. Sluggish here, fast there – life has never been even or fair.

I’ve missed talking with you all, so, I came up with a creative challenge tagged “BD30DaysofCreativity” – don’t even dare say it’s for writers or the creatives alone.

It’s a task that will get us thinking in the simplest of ways, while we shall have some fun all the way, even as it relaxes your mind every day. It is not about writing lengthy essays (don’t be scared), just meaningful (no matter the length) write-ups will do. Let’s get to work – The challenge begins tomorrow.

Day 1 – Let’s meet you.

This will entail adopting a pen name for the next 29 days. Also, you will highlight what you do and many other things you want us to know.

Day 2 – Write about 3 things you admire about yourself

Day 3 – Write about 3 things you wish to improve about yourself

Day 4 – Write about two things people don’t know about you

Day 5 – Does your zodiac sign correspond with your personality?

Day 6 –  Write a message to yourself

Day 7– Highlight the ways to your heart

Day 8 – What is your best book ever and why?

Day 9 – How important is education. What are your thoughts?

Day 10 – Mention 3 things that hurts you badly in your immediate community which you wish to change?

Day 11 – How much money do you need, to effect the big change, and why?

Day 12 – Write an adorable note to a family member and share the link with them!

Day 13 – Watch movies alone or hangout. Which do you choose and Why?

Day 14 – Make a to-do list at the start of today. Compare it to a bullet of your entire day at close of business.

Day 15 – Who are the five people you find attractive and why?

Day 16 – What is your greatest regret? What if you have a second chance?

Day 17 – Tell us something you are proud of!

Day 18 – What are your fears in life?

Day 19 – Take us on a journey of your academics

Day 20 – How do you picture your future? (A vision)

Day 21 – Make a list of 10 goals to get you there

Day 22 – What is your ideal way of life? (social/financial/emotional etc.)

Day 23 – Who is your secret admirer and why? (Not necessarily the opposite sex)

Day 24 – What are you currently worrying about?

Day 25 – What quote do you try to live by and why?

Day 26 – Five weird things about you

Day 27 – Your view about helping others even when they can’t return the favour

Day 28 – Humans born wicked or not – or neutral

Day 29 – How expensive is loyalty?

Day 30 – What has changed about you in the last 3 weeks?

Remember the challenge begins tomorrow, do not miss out on the fun. Do use the comment section below to tell me your thoughts on this! One last thing… do not forget to subscribe. Catch yah!!!


Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).

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