Hello, beautiful people. How are you today? it’s Day 2 of #BD30DaysOfCreativity and it’s just getting started. Yeah! you can’t afford to miss out at this point.

Today’s challenge says “write about 3 things you admire about yourself”… Below is my entry:

#1 – My Name: Rebecca (to bind) Maulome (the hand of God) Oluwaseyitan (God has finished this) Padonu (the pillar). These meanings have played out in my life severally… Don’t doubt it…lol

#2 – My Resilience: I adore the fact that when i put my mind to something, i’ll see it to the end. Except of course, when i discover that the venture isn’t as profitable as i earlier thought. Yeah! i know when to STOP!

#3 – My Smile: It’s my daily makeup…it melts hearts and heals sores… It’s one thing people made me admire about myself… “I love your smile” “Why are you frowning today na?”

Yes! I admire these three and more. Do make sure you submit your entries below. Gracias


Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


  1. Bukola Adeniyi Reply

    3 things i admire about myself are funny but true.
    #1, Names i have 7 names and i love them but 1 that sound local Lol.
    Oluwabukola…..God had to my joy or wealth
    Adejoke….join hand to take of me
    Abiodun…born in festive period
    Abidemi…born behind me (lol) child born when father is not home.
    Bose …born on sunday
    Aina…lastly dont know the meaning but was told child born with cord on the neck.( lol)

    #2… My Gap tooth…..i love it course i got both up n down make me blush when people talk about it.

    #3….my personality…i love myself and dont like stress intend of stress i back out i dont like wahala and i always want to be happy and make people happy.
    i hope these 3 can make you like me more.

    • Nice stuffs you have up there! I love gap tooth
      (diastema) too. Plus, you’ve for really beautiful
      names. Well-done

      • Yusuf Ololade Reply

        3 things I love abt me !!!
        1# my names :my parents named me omolola meaning (child is wealth) as tym goes on I decided to refurbished it to omololade meaning (wealthy child as arrived) and seriously it has been a prophecy come true….wat u think you re truely u would b.
        2# another tin I love about me is the act of foresighted: without been too spiritual but a little bit of it,I think ahead, plan n prayer ahead of everything I come across and truely most evil has been waved instead replaced with open doors of grace n favour unlimited. The Bible said commit your ways unto God and he goes even b4 you. I really love DAT me
        3# hard work: to me hardworking is d mother of success,to me any legitimate work goes ooo, cos the Bible also said wat ever your hands find doing do it dutifully n he will bless it. I know I am hardworking nobody needs to tell me DAT cos the evidence of it fruit is obvious in my life

        • Yeah! Hardwork pays so much… I admire your foresight too….beautiful… I want to be like you…lol


  2. 3 things I admire about myself.
    #1 My sense of humor. Top notch I’d say, because I tend to find a lot of things funny. Most people think me unserious because I play a lot. I mean, why take life so seriously?

    #2 My personality. I don’t change it for nobody, I don’t fake it, I don’t duplicate another person’s. I’m just me.

    #3 My imagination. Makes me see things in a whole new light, helps me when I’m working and it enhances my work, matter of fact, it makes me feel intelligent. Like Albert Einstein said “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

    • Lol… I have a brother who has a great sense of humour and it bothers me sometimes when he finds almost everything funny.

      Hmmmm… I love your admiration for your imagination. Thanks for providing this quote. I really do appreciate

  3. Akinsemoyin Balikis Aderemilekun Reply

    Three things I love about myself..
    1.Akinsemoyin(Bravery is praised)
    Balikis(Queen Sheba in the Bible(leader of women…woman of wealth and substance)
    Aderemilekun(Crown comfort my tears)..these names are powerful and I totally love them.trying to live up to them is my push and jam everyday
    2.My productivity….I love money but I love making it more ..I don’t believe in hand me downs and favours from others…give me a lemon and I make lemonade out for you…I love being productive in everything I do… anything that won’t yield a product I know when to drop it.i don’t believe in wasting energy,time and resources..
    3.My sense of humor and positivity…..these are my super powers…I have come to know how to use them to brighten people days.,put a smile on people faces…show them things can be done even if it will take time..Lighten moods..throw in compliments …

    • Wawu. I love your ideals on productivity…girrrlll… We’ve got to make money for ourselves and not become dependent on others. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Amos Mundicious Reply

    Hi Guys, I’m still on the catch up tail;
    So three things I like about myself would be;
    1. My humble nature
    2. My love to empower and motivate others to their full potential
    3. and being honest to myself & to others always!

    – Humility: I never consider myself a better human than anybody irrespective
    – Empower & Motivate: Me being a great example is my field of expertise
    – Honesty: that’s my watermark.

  5. Rachael Israel Reply

    So I’m replying late
    Three things I love about me…
    1. I love the way I love myself. No one loves me more I love myself am so sure about that (except God ofcourse). And because I love me, I do everything to take care of me!
    2. I love it that I am always genuinely happy with when other people progress or when good things happen to others.
    3. I love my smile, and how its come naturally and pure

    • I love that you love yourself – that’s amazing. I also love that you appreciate other people’s progress, which is definitely uncommon. Keep these energies up my darling. God bless you…

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