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Catch UP

Previously on Wake up Distracted, Feranmi after going through all the challenges during her stay with her aunt, is bent on leaving. Earlier, her aunt wanted her to stay some more but the last time we saw her, even the aunt’s husband is pissed about the entire drama surrounding her stay.  Oops. It’s Chapter 7 already and in case you have not seen earlier chapters, or you wish to refresh your mind, here you go. Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three. Chapter Four. Chapter Five. Chapter Six.

Chapter Seven

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) just released the 2020 results and yeah, I made it. My friend had checked and sent the result to me. I made a whooping 250 – God be praised. I moved to the sitting room with so much excitement to break the news to everyone, but my best of intentions was for my uncle – joy giver. On reaching, it was just my aunt and the kids – my drive died.

“What?” my aunt turned sharply towards me, awaiting a quick response.

I was sure of getting no sort of encouragement from my aunt, especially when she is by herself. But the enthusiasm I came in with is way too much to cover up with my usual, “it’s nothing ma.” So, I completed the journey to the couch and sat at the edge, away from her. Like an unapologetic being, I began;

“It’s JAMB result ma. It’s out. I made 250” I mentioned with a straight face.

“Okay!” she said and kept staring at my direction, as if expecting me to say more.

“Aunty got 250. What does it mean?” asked Mautin, innocently

“It means I did well in my examination.” I tried explaining to her

“Wow. Aunty passed her examination” Mautin clapped and looked towards Oviyon and her mother for solidarity.

My aunt gave her some kind of look which suggested “shut up there! For you know not what you say,” before finally bursting, since its obvious I was not adding anything to the already narrated news.

“So, that’s the best you can do”.

“Thought I passed. I did my best ma” I replied

“Well! Turned out your best isn’t enough my dear. 250 isn’t such a good grade. It’s like scoring a 55/100”

“wow” I exclaimed. Wondering who thinks this way except my aunt, the perfectionist.

“What? You don’t accept?”

“Not that ma. Just thinking about your analysis.”

“It’s okay to think. Hopefully it’s not some mediocre thought”

55/100? why not a 62.5/100I asked but my aunt isn’t ready to have such conversation. She feels it’s challenging to talk back. I was peeved.

Awkward silence

“Where is Daddy?” I asked Mautin, just to cover up the deafening silence.

Then, my uncle walked in looking and sounding all excited. He is closely followed by a photographer, you can tell from the camera around his neck. But wait o, he’s carrying a box, yet hanging the camera around his neck. Is this the latest manner? Or maybe no manners. What do I know!

 I never knew my uncle took it seriously when he mentioned that he would like to engage a professional photographer instead of using a phone.

“Oya o! the photographer is here” he said, clapping, in same manner he wakes us for morning devotion every 5a.m, trust me, you don’t want to know how annoying it can get.  He continued clapping as he addressed us, looking around and wondering why the excitement isn’t circulating as expected.

“What Photographer, Daddy Mautin?” My aunt asked forming ignorance

“Ah ah! Ife, what question is this? You were here when I mentioned the need to have a group photo with Feranmi”

“Oh! That! I’m not ready for such ceremonious photo”

“You can put on something. Anything. It’s no ceremony”. He tried pulling her off the couch in his usual playful manner.

“it’s stressful trying to change, please”

“you can appear like this anyways”

“Oh! Really? When you all are dressed up?

“You really don’t want to do this”. And that’s my uncle giving up right there

Quickly, the Photographer sets up his light and camera for the shoot. My aunt sat there staring, hissing and rolling her eyes at every flash.

After a while, my uncle asked to have some other session just in front of the house away from the living room. So, we all moved out except my aunt of course. Who would have guessed she was up to something?

Right outside, the kids stated how much they will miss me, and I could tell from their expressions that they meant their words. Oviyon held my hands all through and posed for the photos standing beside me. It was still all fun until my aunt interrupted the process.

“And where do you think you’re going with these” she asked, standing afar off, dangling some items in the air.

Everyone turned to look at her, she has obviously searched through my bag and pulled out an earpiece, family pictures, and an MP3 player. My uncle turned to look at me to provide answers, so we could continue with what we were doing.

“Daddy gave me the earpiece and MP3 player ma’ I stuttered for lack of proper explanation


“Yes ma”

“Is this true Daddy Mautin?”

“Yes! She can have those”

“She can have them or you gave her”

“Ife! It’s the same thing. I gave her”

“Okay o. What about the pictures? She asked while going through them and naming those in each photo and the occasion surrounding it, as some sort of description.

“I thought I could take them too” I said

“And who did you ask? Ehn? You know what that’s called? Theft!”

Everyone is frozen

“hmmmm. Ife. Don’t take it that far. I’m sure Feranmi means no harm”

Ignoring her husband, she turned to go back inside. “It’s okay sha. I’m done here. You can wait to have the pictures you just took. You can’t go with any of these”.

She stormed back inside while my uncle pats my back to appease me because I was already drowned in shame. Right there in my spirit, the photo session was over only that my body was still there at the moment.

Suddenly, there was a subtle vibration beneath our feet but we ignored.

And just as we were about to continue, we felt yet another vibration beneath the earth and then, it gets bigger. This time, we could not overlook it.

Wait for Chapter 8


Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


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