Have you ever thought of having someone who would be truthful with you and ensure you are focused and achieve your goals? Someone who will remind you of your goals against defined timelines to achieve a desired result. Dear Becca Diaries reader, such is an Accountability Partner and this is an important part of your personal development.

When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.

Thomas S. Monson

Why Discuss this?

Few days ago, I stumbled on an accountability worksheet designed by my partner and I in 2018. It was amazing to see that the major goals highlighted have been realized, you needed to see the joy on my face. I felt fulfilled.

To be honest, it can be tiring and even frustrating trying to get productive all by yourself during this lock-down. I have discovered that having so much at your disposal makes you feel that you have all the time in the world, and then, you may end up achieving nothing.

Try this!

Each night before going to bed, try recount what you have done for the day. Usually, i have a to-do list, upon which i count my gains and loses alike, and that hasn’t changed pretty much even during this lock-down. However, this isn’t same for everyone, you may need to consider having an accountability partner.

Who is an Accountability Partner?

An accountability partner is a trusted person who is capable of supporting you in identifying your distractions, setting milestones for your goals and staying true to them. Meanwhile,this person can be your friend, lover, colleague, someone totally new, a relative or mentor, and so on. What’s most important is someone who is supportive and can work with you, effortlessly.

Importantly, he/she can assist on varieties of things and I am dedicating this to personal development. All of those things/skills targeted at improving yourself either;

  • Physically
  • Spiritually and/or
  • Mentally

Why you need an an Accountability partner?

The process will help you to;

  1. Identify and reduce distractions
  2. Feed your focus
  3. Realign with your purpose
  4. Receive constructive feedback and so on

Types of Accountability Partnership

  • Individual: This involves a single person being assisted. However, this works perfectly with someone more experienced than you are, usually a mentor or a senior friend.
  • Reciprocal: This involves both parties supporting each other. This is quite suitable for peers and i recommend it.
  • Team: This is achieved within a group of people with similar interests / goals.


Identify a potential partner

Meet to set the rules to guide you. Ensure you discuss when, where and how to communicate

Visit your overall goal and ensure it’s SMART

Set milestone using PACT. Possible + Actionable + Clear + Time-bound.

Take action with an ultimate time-frame in mind.

How to Make Accountability Partnership Effective

The following are factors to be considered;

  1. Ensure you’re on same page

  2. Honour deadlines

    Design a meeting schedule and stick to it. it could be daily, weekly or monthly

  3. Be open to criticism

  4. Don’t be too harsh or too soft

    Be true and fair. You may adopt the sandwich method.


Finally, do you need an accountability partner to achieve certain goals during this lock-down?

Please, drop your comment and share. Thank you.


Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


    • Amos Mundi Reply

      Hi Becca, the concept of accountability partner is really cool. I really like it (smiles).

      I’m a person that is thorough and disciplined when it comes to set goals, however sometimes I get a little not in the frame of mind to do certain things at their slated time. An accountability partner can come in really effective for me moving forward.


  1. Ashade Abdulsalam Reply

    This is a very laudable write up, as it’s key to peoples success, I hope you have continuous engagement on Accountability partner. Well-done Becca keep making us proud.

  2. Ahmed Falade Reply

    Very insightful…. I really need one…
    Thanks boss

    • Thanks for the kind words. Please, go ahead and get one. If you need help, do inform this great community.

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