Hello readers. Meet Julius Awugo, our guest writer for today. A Postgraduate student of Development Communications in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Julius is a trained Dramatist, whose love for writing cuts across a variety of genre, from play-writing, creative nonfiction, polemic essays, script writing and his favoured act of letter writing, which we all are blessed with today.

Julius Awugo

Before now, Julius’ Dear Madam Ex graced the page of this platform. He has so many body of unpublished works, and is currently working on one of his most challenging projects till date, a film titled: The Hacker which is set to raise the bar of film making in the Nigerian cinematic space. Wait for it.

Aside from writing, reading, thinking, and tinkering which are core to his existence, he likes to take a big stab of lettuce from a bowl of Caesar salad. You can either find him in the kitchen fumbling with creative meals or making a cocktail. Mixologist. Today! Julius is giving us another master piece, enjoy!

Dear Julius,

Pain drives. It leads you to the path of violating orders and registering terror. Last night, Bambi managed to call you off from doing something rash by reminding you of your advice to her not to take actions when angry.

So you will, still ensconced in each others arms. Deep there in your arms Bambi rest as she struggles hard to suppress the tears that break lose anyway. You will learn to lend a critical eye to view your life, not barring yourself of any high-handedness, you will label yourself a worthless man. A slow poke lazy ass. Who is incapable of turning things around.

Sometimes, you just need to be this honest and spank yourself hard enough to wake up and wriggle out of mediocrity. While your girlfriend makes concerted efforts to hush muffled cries, your mind will journey away from the present and hover around how you got yourself here.

In this life

There are paths and there are paths, some paths births good-luck and opportunities while others breed the opposite. You do not know for sure on which you are traveling. For sure you know it is a difficult path with no smooth asphalt, pot-hole filled and a whole country of makeshift bridges that threaten to collapse you in each time you step your feet on them.

This year, you will be 26. Months ago, you had celebrated your twenty fifth, amidst uncertainty and nothingness. You cut the cake of absence and spurred yourself to give a kick at life. In a beautiful birthday note you penned yourself. All along you have been your biggest friend, closest pal and confidant. Until she came your way.

A month after your quiet birthday celebration

Your relationship with your sister will deteriorate. There were major cracks in the past that only received soft patches. The lack of clear cut engineering foresight in the repair ensured the collapse of the wall of your relationship, prompting your leaving her house. All that luxury. City life. Good food. Shoved aside, you will make a declaration to forge ahead bereft of any help.

Sometimes in life, an individual’s happiness is all that matters. Free shelter and a guarantee of free meal all come with a heavy prize tag you simply cannot afford. Looking back, you will not regret leaving, even though it painted you a bad person in the eyes of mother and father. Some things like an individual’s freedom to live and not choke under tight corners that suffocates, is worth more than Mother and Father’s impression.

In a rather dramatic twist of fate

You will receive a call from Father asking you to come home, that someone has come to establish a company in your family’s facility and has promised them a slot for employment. This piece of news you will chew with mix feelings. Disbelieve maybe perhaps.

On one hand, the prospect of working will excite you. On another you will consider the thought that Father was just throwing jabs to pull you home. This idea you will favour more after several layers of thoughts.

A few days later…

You will receive a text message from Father to come home the next day. That text message will re-alter the path of your life. In this life you have learnt people like us do not have an identity. We keep evolving on our earthly journey to becoming. That early Thursday morning you packed your bags and head for Benue. After a couple of days of waiting you will eventually meet with Sunday Igwe and he will tell you about the company.

An Agro-allied company that manages waste and produces agro chemicals. He kept hammering about how you will dress smart like a scientist and the prestige the job will give you. Before that night winds off, you would have heard so much about types of smells that we have and how insects are multi-powerful sensory animals that can smell and see food from a far distance. That night it will not make any sense. In your room that night you would conclude that Sunday Igwe was a talker and has an air of bragging to his game.

Although, he disguises it very well on the outside.

At the same time you will like the job and feel excited and ready to start. Out of nowhere Sunday Igwe will drop the bomb. Revealing his decision to make you the General manager of the branch. You will feel elated and jump right into the enormous task of management.

At first, it will feel tough, then you will begin to get a hang on it. The job will be tasking and time consuming. Yet you will love it and not feel bad about the extra hours you put in. Boy! This is tough. You are just getting a hang on being an important personnel in a viable business like Agro chemicals. You are sitting on money boy and soon you are beginning to rake in a wave of influence too. You fit in here man like you were created to do this.

Affirmations will come left and right.

Then, you fell asleep and by the time you wake up you will realize that you lost a hold on your job, your boss begins to sideline you. You will call his attention to it, and yet nothing tangible will come out.

In your mind you will know you have lost it, the company is shutting itself down. Your influence will dwindle to zero. The branch of the company is closing and you will have little role to play in the theatrics of the closure of the company. Sunday Igwe masterminded everything. And so you are back to it again.

That dark cycle of clouds gathering, the timeless shopping online for vacancies, and an endless stream of throwing resumes in and out. Its clear at this point what it is. YOU ARE JOBLESS AGAIN. Broke too. These too seem to have forged a path to humiliate you. Arts have left you. Your writing sucks.

Trying to write now is a bore.

Your muse seem to have traveled to a faraway land. In the mist of all these is Bambi the company job brought you guys together. She is so important to you that your every move going forward demands that you consider the Bambi factor. She holds your heart as fragile as it is, she does a good job of keeping it safe.

A while ago you will be consumed in each other’s arms as tears refuse to drop down your eyes. In your chest is a pain similar to the one that eats you up from the inside. In your heart you cry for the decision you have to make. You just told her to please leave so you can try to repair your life. It has got holes and leakages everywhere.

You never thought this day will come, but its here already.

Get down there tie your shoe lace, make it firm, sling your backpack on and trudge down the highway. As you head this highway towards BECOMING, just remember that in this life we are travelers. Some are fortunate to jump into Limos and burn the gas on smooth black asphalt. While others just have to interchange roads. Keep trudging down. Its only dust when your bone rests dry.


Thanks for reading. Please, leave a comment for our first guest writer, Julius Awugo.


Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


      • I totally agree this is an interesting package. I could easily relate to the story because it is similar to some of my experiences must especially the ‘Bambi factor’. I totally agree that life is a journey (a beautiful one at that).

        Thanks for the amazing reminder.

        Cheers Julius

        • Yes. Life is a journey and Julius just penned a reminder. Thanks for the kind words Amos. Julius is grateful

    • Awugo marymagdalene Reply

      Wao my big brother with the pen💯 I most confess you are really doing a great job👌I see myself and my beautiful family in a Cinema watching movies written, directed and produced by Awugo Julius

    • Awugo marymagdalene Reply

      Wao my big brother with the pen💯 I most confess you are really doing a great job👌I see myself and my beautiful family in a Cinema watching movies written, directed and produced by Awugo Julius

  1. Paul Friday Reply

    This story is awe-inspiring. Julius is a great writer. Keep it up

    • Ogbale Pauline Reply

      I love your storyline, it’s so real, everyone could relate with it, the setting is of course peculiar to our contempary society ( Nigeria) with a high rate of unemployment. I see in you a great writer, keep it up Julius.

  2. My eyes read through, while my mind painted images, I heard some bittersweet melodies beneath, albeit looking forward to a ‘BECOMING’. Great piece, Kudos Julius

  3. Awugo Stella Reply

    Oh waoh, what a beautiful article. Enjoyed every bit of it as it relates to our everyday lives. Well I wasn’t expecting anything less as soon as I saw the writers name continue to do what you know how to do best , the world will celebrate you soon. Please I like to read madam ex

  4. Stella Awugo Reply

    Oh waoh, I must say I enjoyed the article as it relates to our everyday life experiences. I wasn’t expecting anything less as soon as I saw the writers name. Keep doing what you know how to do best the world will celebrate you soon. Dumps up Julius

    • Amen. Julius is a great writer. Thanks for the kind words. Please, do click on Madam Ex, it will take you to the article. Thanks

      • Beautiful and commendable piece Dear Julius. You’re doing great!

  5. Felix Nathaniel Kushuwai. Reply

    Awugo Julius that is surperb. The letter is skillfully written.

    • Naomi Echor Reply

      Lil bro, I always know you would go places thru the power of the pen. Congratulations on this well written piece. I can relate vividly well with this story. See you at the top Awugo J professor in the making.

  6. Awugo, a big thumbs up to you. Summing up life and it’s hurdles in its complicated form . Keep the fire burning dear 👍👍

  7. This is a wonderful piece and I could view the images as I read because your choice of words is explicit.

  8. Eizabeth Awugo Reply

    Indeed life is a journey and some are lucky to jump into limos and burn the gas while others have to interchange roads……….Julius is one writer that pulls my attention as one can almost see oneself in the middle of the story.You are always worth the read man.

  9. Patricia Abeki Reply

    I am awe-struck, thanks Julius the Genius. Wonderful piece. Indeed the sky is only but your starting point. I enjoyed every bit of it. I know the Bambi tale I am privileged to get the info first hand from the source and I don’t take it for granted. Best wishes man…

  10. This is simply breathtaking. Base on our proximity, I know every bit of the story line.

  11. Interesting! You know I am actually part of some of these experiences pened down here, so I consider my understanding of the write up deeper then any other ready. Paddy your tenses are interwoven. Is it delibrate? I think you need to take a look at that. I enjoyed it Man.

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