Mrs Tracy Ken (35) has been married, for six years now, to a great man and blessed with 3 beautiful children. She is a housewife with a profitable online business, capable of taking care of the household, independent of her husband. But Mr. Ken feels that a man is less of a man if the woman pays for anything in the house, not to mention covering a major cost. For him, a man must be able to profess his love, protect his love and provide for same. Welcome to the month of May, Mr Ken.

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One time, the family set out on a trip to Dubai. Mr Ken insisted on bearing all cost. Weeks later, his wife discovered that he took a loan. For this, she fought herself so hard, not to confront him because it will bruise his ego.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ken’s company, which belongs to an informal sector, has been struck badly by Covid-19. He has suddenly gone broke with no body to help him with some money nor a Savings plan to fall back on. He remembered a policy he signed with his bank – he’s got N300,000 naira in it.


“This should help keep body and soul together before anything else comes up” he thought aloud as he began to dial his account manager’s number.

“Hello ma! Good morning, its Mr. Ken”

“I know its you. How have you been?”

“Fine o. I just want to request for the money in my Insurance account. I don’t want the Policy anymore”

“You mean you you want to terminate before maturity?”

“Yes! you heard me clearly”


“Oh! I’m sorry Mr Ken but that is impossible”


“You signed up for 5 years”

“But it’s my money! So, I need it now”

“Okay sir. In that case, you will lose all accrued interests”

“I don’t need it. I need my money”

“Sadly, you can’t”

“What again?”

“For your 5 years plan, you must have paid up to 1 year worth”


“And you have paid just for 4 months”

“So? what’s the solution”

“Well, even though this is how i get my salary and it saddens me that you want to opt out, I really want to help”

“So, help me. help a man. Your man”

“You will have to make payment worth a year’s contribution, then, the money will be released immediately”



“I’m sorry for any inconvenience this must have caused you. It’s the bank’s policy.


“Yes. But if you can get some money somewhere, balance up and get everything out in 10 seconds…”

Mr. ken ended the call to stop streaming this bad news. He is obviously in a dilemma and wouldn’t ask his wife for a favour, whatsoever. He is deeply troubled about the compromise he might have to make to survive this period. He is completely overwhelmed.

Although, he can choose to die in silence, or walk up to his wife to help with some money for the bank deal, or simply let go of his ego and allow her take charge.

Do you know Mr. Ken? probably in another kind of mess. Is he your neighbour, friend, or you? Are you troubled for one reason or the other right now?

I’m not here to tell you what you should do, but rather what you must do.

Take time and Think through

The solution might be closer than you’ve ever thought. Maybe all you need is a trade-off. But just like Mr. Ken, he is faced with issues and decisions to make. He’s got options in front of him and he is the only one to come up with what works best.

For you, it may involve battling between learning a new skill, picking a free course on Coursera or just trying to stay alive through all of these.

You may even be very ambitious, working towards reinventing yourself and your wheel to personal fulfillment.

But, have you paid attention to your thought process in recent time?

Does it give a positive vibe that you have things under control? Or do you feel drained sometimes? Do you feel all hope is lost because of the current situation? Are you getting overwhelmed?

Hey friends, you’re not alone this May & beyond!

Some of us are really trying to put all the things we have learnt into focus. We daily oil our thoughts over and over again, until things are beginning to take shape.

Others are really busy building relationships, strengthening bonds and creating a future they will be proud of.

While some people are troubled because they have been laid off from work, unsure how this month’s salary will surface, there are millions who do not even receive salaries anyways, they depend on daily hustle. If you know these ones, reach out to them, if you can.

As bad as the time may be, there are opportunities all around us if only we look closer and think deeper.

However, it’s all good if what you want to do is just survive and breathe, every other day. I know people are battling with anxiety, fear and almost running into depression. Do what you have to do! You don’t have to follow the trend if that’s not what you need.

Choose for you what you need. But be sure you are true to yourself, because what you wish for doesn’t come to reality as much as what you work for. Results will be shown for all actions taken. If all you need is breathe to stay alive – By all means, do so.

Happy New Month and stay safe

Welcome to the month of May

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Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


  1. Anthonieta Kalunta Reply

    Super Motivational. Happy May Day BeDafs!

  2. Awugo Julius Reply

    The imaginary story of Mr. Ken is inspiring and teaches valuable lessons. It’s akin to the Richard Cory story. Cory is loved by everybody, people wish to be like him. One day he locks up his door and puts a bullet through his head. Sometimes it’s worth more to open up than bottling up.

    • True. It’s always important that we cry out for help when need be. We are not robots. Nobody should expect us to be all perfect.

      Thanks for your insightful comment.

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