Tony is an ambitious man who got employed by a multinational company at a very early stage in his career. At 25, he was done with his second degree and was earning a 7 figures salary consistently. Being a product of a humble background, he became the pride of any family, friend, and romantic relationship. But he never saw any of these as a privilege, at least, he never acted as if they were.

Soon, it was time to settle down and maybe build his own family, a call to which he wasn’t ready to yield. He wanted to be with different women and travel the world whenever his job allows him. Truly, Tony was living ‘la vida loca’ but not so many people around him were blessed through his position/exposure.

Tony didn’t make use of his Privilege

Many times, there were opportunities for Tony to nominate people around him for a benefit, but he will rather pass the slot to another colleague.

“Once I start, these people will think it will always remain so” he often says

Most of his earnings went into sex patronage and he did little with investments.

Finally, he decided to settle down and was blessed with a very pretty and industrious woman who is now helping him manage his finance. However, he has continually distanced himself from home and rejected all the requests for assistance. The last time his younger brother reached out, his wife said to him;

“Are you the only one they have?”

Thus, Tony and his wife have made up their minds to live this way.

Recognize your Privilege

I see privileges as unearned benefits. Although, this doesn’t mean that some earned benefits ain’t privileges too. For instance, I don’t see education as a privilege (in terms of rights and Privileges) but been selected in a scholarship scheme to study in an Ivy league University, is a privilege. Yes! you may be one of the best students to have been chosen but do you realize it could have been someone else?

I know many will naturally not categorize a lot of things as privileges because they want people to accept their self-made brand, therefore having a story that narrates their grass to grace.

“Why leave out such an emotional chunk and call it Privilege?”

Is it? isn’t it?

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

Accept your Privilege

Years ago, during my undergraduate days I was privileged to be part of a performance to celebrate 16 Days of Activism. I wasn’t selected because I was the best actress around, but I got on that list and the experience gave me a lot of firsts, among which are;

  1. First time acting in a Professional Street Theatre (We performed under the bridge, at the market, in-between cars during hold-up in Zaria and Lagos respectively).
  2. First Time travelling via air
  3. First time earning a 6-figure (In Naira, of course). After resumption, I was so proud of myself that I gave my friends and I a good treat.

I have come to accept my privileges over the years. I am privileged to be:

  1. Human and alive
  2. An Educator – Inspiring lives
  3. A Public Servant on Social Investments – Assisting Poor and Vulnerable Households
  4. Environmentalist – Caring for Mother Earth
  5. Children’s Theatre Practitioner – looking at ways to help children become better humans
  6. Writer – showing the world to people through my works and lots more…

Help Others – We Rise by Lifting Others

It is not enough to recognize and accept our privileges. We should learn to extend helping hands to others. We rise by lifting others. Helping others is not by sending money to them alone, it could be helping them overcome an obstacle or directing their path towards life-changing opportunities.

Don’t be that person who lies about sending your friend’s CV to different prominent people, whereas you’re yet to open the email. In fact, you have no intentions of opening it.

The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the soul in another person.


Keep Praying

Today wasn’t promised, so if you can read this, you are privileged to be alive. Do not stop praising God. Pray like everything depends on it.

Keep Planning & Keep Pursuing

You remember that statement about;

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Let this be your watchword now, more than ever. You can’t afford to give in to failure. Always plan and smash those goals. Don’t give up on yourself but be true to what you want to achieve and go for them – all of them (properly planned out).

Become Better

When you recognize/accept your privileges, and you keep praying, planning and pursuing all of your desires, you will definitely be better, eternally. Remember, that the greatest of all privileges is to be able to help others, Don’t forget to help, once you can.

I want you to think about the privileges you have and how you can use your current opportunity to help others.

Do use the comment session below to tell me about those privileges and your thoughts concerning this post.

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Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


  1. This is so true. Many times we want to achieve so much before we can help people but that shouldn’t be. Thank you Becca, I’ll do better.

  2. Mahmud Ahmed Reply

    This is simply fantastic! I love the way you presented it, it is worth sharing and I am definitely going to share. About privileges, well it is a privilege reading this piece.

  3. Sun Adetoiwa Reply

    Amazing stuffs up there,thanks ma, helping others is my greatest privilege

  4. You’re a light, to shine into our paths… Keep shinning. Beautiful post

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