Hey Becca Diaries Friends (BeDafs). Hope you had a wonderful weekend. It’s Monday [money Monday😅]. Yeah. I hope this will be one of the last things you read before heading to bed tonight.

Let’s get to it.

So, the Jobberman team had a wonderful session with the veteran Actor, Director and king of Kannywood. You know him, right?

Yes!  Ali Nuhu. And guess what? He was amazing with the topic below 👇🏾

 How Young People Can Position Themselves for Career Success

Ali Nuhu did huge justice to bringing to the know of the public how he ended up pursuing his career as an actor, having grown up forgetting about football and staying glued to the TV.

In his words “I so much loved watching the TV that I didn’t learn to play ball”. Ali’s ability to realize his childhood dream came as a result of his passion for TV content. He narrated how he began with having passion for TV presenters but got discouraged with analogies that acting or being on screen is not a career to be reasoned with, but because it is quite close to his heart, he kept hopes alive and continued working on it.

“You ought to know what you’re looking for, that is what will help you position yourself, should there be an opportunity to be grabbed”, Ali added.

Therefore, a prospective creative who sees him/herself creating content for visual consumption, must reserve the potential to be invested in.

Follow people who are creating what appeals to you and learn about the craft, this makes you better and ready for a “bigger picture of you.”

 Ali Nuhu highlighted ways to create a successful career;

  1. Identify what you can do.
  2. Be realistic about it
  3. Develop yourself
  4. Be relevant
  5. Build a network
  6. Be humble and dedicated to the craft
  7. Be consistent
  8. Be selective
  9. Build a brand
  10. Get a business manager when the need arises.
  11. Pick up good criticisms to improve yourself
  12. Identify where your opportunities reside and go for them

At the end of the session, we all agreed that it is not enough to have a dream, position yourself in a way that such awesome dream can come to fulfillment rather than remain as “a dream”.

You don’t have a big dream? Create one, and that will be your best way to prepare yourself for a career.

Hello young people!

Don’t just dream, wake up, create a dream, and live it.

Becca Diaries will always be here to remind you that THIS IS THE LITTLE YOU CAN EVER BE, THERE’S A KING IN YOU.

Continue to stay safe✌🏾


Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


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