Hello Becca Diaries Friends (BeDafs), how are you today? Have you met Yayandi of Africa? This amazing soul is our guest for this week. Read on to meet him.

Mohammed Bayero Yayandi is a Tech Community Builder, Activist, Volunteer and Founder of YandyTech, a community that addresses unemployment/underemployment problems by bringing opportunities closer to locals.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Asides this…

YandyTech controls a platform where youth, women and children are taught computer programming, web development, data analytics and how to use data to provide insightful stories, alongside ICT Consultations for businesses.

Yayandi has proven to be passionate about development and tech community building. He is currently part of different tech communities, making impacts. He guides and mobilizes young people for life changing opportunities.

In December 2019

Yayandi was featured on the British Council Nigeria’s blog post, as one of the 75 most inspiring stories by British Council Nigeria, in celebration of 75 years of cultural relations. Read up here.

Interestingly, during this COVID-19 lockdown and all the things that came with with, Yayandi of Africa, through Yandytech organized a Python Programming session, 100% free, for 6weeks to help students/young people develop new skill-set during this time.

With over 100 active participants, the session was a great success with everyone full of gratitude at the completion of the programme. They particularly enjoyed the exercise, take home assignments and ultimately could boast of an additional skill.

Who doesn’t love impact?

Well-done Yayandi of Africa.

You can reach him on Twitter or IG @bayero_yayandy / @yandytech to see the good things he is up to!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Truly inspiring… I learnt it only takes a step for you to start… But taking that step is hard especially when we allow the various distractions we think are more important swallow us

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