To every story told, there’s a masterpiece intention which forms its bedrock. The motion picture industry has in recent times taken a frontline role in the discourse of burning issues and addressing them accordingly.

“Tell the story of yesterday and it will interest everyone who wants to fix tomorrow”

Toka McBaror

It is within this premise that the veteran OAP, multiple award-winning filmmaker, Prince Daniel, popularly known as Aboki, has deliberately dared to make the movie MAI MARTABA [His Royal Highness] – a journey of heritage and culture correction especially in the face of the unintended misrepresentation of our culture by enthusiastic filmmakers around the world.

The Story

MAI MARTABA (His Royal Highness) tells the story of Gadagash, an ancient kingdom that once experienced a trade boom through the Trans-Saharan trade exchange but was short-lived due to stiff internal power tussle amongst the powerful AGADASHAWA ruling clan, thus leading to its collapse. The collapse paved way for the enthronement of King JALLABA of the JALLABAWA clan at a time uranium was discovered on Jallaba land named after the king. To ensure the Agadashawas never returned to power, King JALLABA the 1st, made a decree which became a tradition, that all successive Emirs would voluntarily step down from the throne and name a successor from within the Jallaba clan to take over before old age.

On his death bed, Sanaya the son of late King Jallaba appointed his daughter, Princess SANGAYA, to succeed him. This decision degenerated into a fresh crisis within the ruling house with a faction claiming there was a signed agreement between King Sanaya and late King MU’AZU of the MU’AZAWA clan, that Mu’azu’s son, MAGAJIN GARI a uranium merchant and top-ranking traditional title holder would succeed Sanaya.

Sanaya has broken the sacred agreement and forces are now at war with each other, all claiming rights to the throne.

As the scheming thickens and the kingdom is slipping into total chaos, who will ascend the throne? Is it the chosen princess, the aggrieved Magajin Gari’s faction or the long deposed Agadashawa clan who have been plotting their way back to the throne?

MAI MARTABA is a tale of power, love, greed and betrayal – It  holds great potentials.

Maximizing these potentials, Toka Mcbaror, a giant in the motion picture industry, is on the project ensuring that a good movie is shot. Recall that the multiple award-winning Director, Set designer and Cinematographer, Toka Mcbaror, is a major brain behind so many movies that have portrayed Africa in the right light and placed Nigerian movie industry on the map. His movies include;

  1. The Island,
  2. Lotana,
  3. Kada River,
  4. Merrymen 1 (the Yoruba demons),
  5. Made in Heaven,
  6. The Millions,
  7. Takers, 
  8. Underbelly,
  9. Dubara, amongst others.

Attached are clips from the ongoing production.

Watch out!


Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).

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