Maulome, this is not another entry in your diary. Here is a piece of exhortation from your 30-year-old-self.

This year is most likely your defining year as a child; you will be transitioning into a junior secondary school student in Badagry Junior Grammar School.

At this point, one of the things you own is your diary. Every entry you made about love, confusion, religion, departure, family, would go on for another 8 years, before it will grow wings and fly away. Therefore, don’t stress. Well! Maybe you should, it will help you develop good syntax.

Your First Story

You recently wrote a short story, although you called it a novel, my dear, relax, I bet it doesn’t really qualify for a short story, maybe an essay, but for your age, let’s call it a short story. You wrote a story about a happy family broken by a strange woman but later to get reunited, with the strange woman driven out of town. You titled it “A Happy Ending”. How did you conceptualize such a thing inside of you? Please, guard that manuscript jealously.


Maulome, not every child has the opportunity of getting an education: Even though this is a basic right and not a privilege. Here you are, at age 10, topping your class and representing your school in competitions across Badagry town alongside Umoh Eno and Daniel Asogba. It should mean something.

Don’t be Intimidated

Don’t you ever get intimidated by the likes of Modupe (not real name), they are mere clout chasers who find a sense of purpose by intimidating younger people and lying about everything they own.

Maulome, remember to be consistent and authentic in all you do. Don’t ever preach a value and be something else when the world sleeps. DON’T.

Enjoy your Moments

Enjoy every moment of childhood and don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Don’t!

Adulthood is filled with so many worries, anxieties and fears of acceptance or rejection. People will judge you for not sharing same beliefs, and for lacking an understanding of what you do.

I can hear your whisper;

How dare you blame another for your own ignorance!


Oh yes! They will. In fact, they will criticize you for sinning differently. I dare say, ‘for sinning openly’. Be prepared!

Discover Yourself

Girl, discover yourself in time. Stand for something; if you don’t, you will fall for anything. People will define you and it might be too late on certain levels. You are not too young to know what you want.

Set Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries; this will help you script how you want to be treated. Knowing when to be loose or rigid will also help you sieve friendships disguised in sisterly or brotherly love. You will see right through them. You will earn respect.


You own your life. God gave you the chance to lead it. Be your own leader and never maneuver your head in any form of complex: inferiority or superiority.


Family is everything. Don’t allow anybody tell you otherwise. I know you still fight with your twinnie, Feranmi, over dresses, take it easy for she shall break thy bone in 10 months time, as a matter of fact.

Till I write you again. Keep being a daughter of Jesus.




Rebecca Maulome Padonu is an enthusiastic writer with a soft spot for factions. A RubyWrites 2016 finalist. She has completed several freelance writing projects, including BBC Media Action’s Drama series, Story Story (series 32 & 33).


  1. Hmmmmmm.. Dear 10 year old me discover yourself on time and stand for something so you don’t fall for anything, set healthy boundaries and know when to be loose or rigid.

    Great job Bec.

  2. This is to 10 years old “all of us” really, beautifully crafted. Thank you for sharing. (Kisses)

  3. True but I feel you should work more on doing something huge on the “A happy ending”.
    Plus, I can imagine that fighting part with your sister and the most hilarious part of “Breaking your bones in 8months”🤣🤣

    • Sis. I can’t find that manuscript again o. But I can definitely recreate it.

      Yeah. Feranmi and I were always fighting back then and she broke my arm when I was 11😂😂😂

  4. Engr Sean Pat Reply

    Becky, this is captivating and impressive.

    Quick one☝️.
    Did your Twinnie eventually break your bones???😁

    Weldone Sis

  5. I wish I could write a similar letter to my ten-year-old self!

    However, this letter is so motivating, it makes one aim for the best despite the odds that may be in an individual’s path.

    Kudos to you, Becca.

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