It was a cold Wednesday night sometime in February 2013. The family of Mr. and Mrs. Adewale were going through the last activity of their day.

However, being a Wednesday night in February, a football match is taking place. Akin, the fifth son of the Adewales, already set his sights on seeing the match because the team he supports will be playing that night.

As an African child, he went to his father for permission to go see this game. Unsurprisingly, he got “No” for an answer. His dad thought it to be too late in the night for such activity.

“What kind of match do they play by this time, better go and sleep, you are going to school tomorrow”. He belted out.

Instead of adhering to his father’s order, 14 years old Akin became determined to sneak out just to see his favorite team play.


He set out around 8:30PM, sneaking behind his parents house. Before long, Akin found himself free on the streets. He quickly aligned himself with other people who were going to see the same football match. Getting to the venue, the match was already underway and he soon joined in the gimmicks and celebrations as his team took the lead.

Time went by and by, then the opponent equalized late into the second half. “Ahhh” the goal felt like a dagger into poor Akin’s heart. Not before long, the referee blew the whistle for full-time.

A downcast Akin was about to leave for his house when news circulated that the match was going to be decided that night. This means, thirty extra minutes will be used. It was already 10:50 PM.

Excitedly and without being time conscious, Akin sat down and watched on as his team scored 3 unanswered goals and won by four goals to one. He was so jubilant as he started trotting back home.

“Sweet match, ahh, see that goal from Walcott, ahh, too good, my Lord” he said to other supporters as they all walk on.


On getting to a crossroads, Akin discovered he was going to walk down home alone as others had already taken a different road. Reality set in.

“How do I walk alone inside this darkness, oh God! and dad warned me not to go o, what do I do, oh God”. He thought within himself.

Walking down a lonely road at midnight isn’t very safe for a 14 years old you’ll agree. Well, this was Akin’s reality. He continued walking and at intervals, he was looking at his sides and back.

On the pathway home, unknown to Akin, 2 huge black pigs were lying down right on his path and before he could realize it, he had stepped on one of them.


The pigs oinked angrily and immediately started running towards Akin, he took to his heels and ran for dear life.

The slippers he was wearing came off, still, he was running and running as the furious pigs didn’t relent. After running for more than 3 minutes, he fell. The pigs descended on him and started biting his flesh.

“Paawwww’ a locally made gun sounded and the pigs ran away with some blood in their mouths. Luckily for Akin, it was a vigilante who had cracked the gun. He quickly helped him up and took him home. Meanwhile, his whole family had been up, worriedly waiting for him.

Getting to the compound, with bite marks all over his body, he shouted, “ahhhh, never again”.

Akin has some story to tell his family and friends, right? Certainly, never again will he go against his father’s instructions or go watch a football match all by himself at that time of the night.

Written by: Josh Padonu

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