A friend they say is one who has another’s best interests at heart. They want to see you happy and life-filled, for instance. Although, the same “friend” might be the one who sets one’s life on fire, in certain situations. A friendly fire burns and hurts the most because it’s unexpected and ignites from within.

“Jesus, oh my God, this isn’t fair, Nini, you’re supposed to be my best friend, you’re evil”. Those were the words of Adeshewa after she was scorched by a friendly fire. Wondering what led to that? Well, let’s go back to where it all began many years ago.


Adeshewa Babajide and Niniola Olabisi have been friends since childhood. Coincidentally, their parents were long time friends as well and worshipped at the same church, where they were both christened.

In addition, they attended the same schools and did almost everything together. The only time they were apart was the period they gained admission into the higher institution. Sadly, Niniola’s parents suddenly couldn’t afford the tuition fees of the university they both processed at the time.

Against all odds, Shewa and Niniola had always kept in touch. So, they planned to meet after 5 years apart. Nini agreed to visit Shewa at her apartment in the city of Lagos.


Niniola arrived Ajah, Lagos, on a Friday and was welcomed by her longtime friend. Adeshewa was busy unwrapping expensive gifts brought to her by a male present in the house. Shewa later introduced him to Niniola as Tunde. Interestingly, Shewa and Tunde met a few weeks ago and started dating since then.

The best friends started gisting about literally everything. This got to a point they got oblivious of Tunde’s presence, this made Tunde uncomfortable and he excused himself.

“Don’t mind him jare, that’s how he does, he is jealous, haha” Adeshewa told Niniola with a funny smile. “He is rude sha even if he’s rich, intelligent and charming, shior” Nini replied.

Moving on, Shewa asked Nini about her own relationship and how it is going. Niniola quickly told her she has been without a man for years now and that she doesn’t need one anyways. The two childhood best friends continued chatting away the day.


The following day, the two friends were awoken by Tunde who came into the house at noon. He decided to take them out to do some shopping. Excitedly, both ladies quickly got dressed and set out with Tunde. They visited the famous Ajah Shopping Mall to experience of the best days of their lives.

Unknown to Tunde and Shewa, all these while, Niniola has been nursing a crush on Tunde. For instance, when he opened the door for the ladies, Nini could already see herself in those huge arms of his.

At this point, she already decided in her mind that she’s definitely going to have a piece of him regardless of her relationship with Adeshewa. “I don’t care what I have to do, I must make this bobo mine” Niniola thought within herself.


On their way home after spending most of their day together in the streets of Lagos, they decided to check into a restaurant. Adeshewa suggested this as she said she won’t like to cook by the time they get home. Over the course of the meal, Tunde started asking Niniola questions and vice versa as they tried to get to know each other better. Niniola thought this was a perfect opportunity for her to tell Tunde things he didn’t know about Shewa.

Before Tunde could ask the next question, Niniola quickly said she wants to tell him something. Adeshewa was smiling all through, seemingly happy as two of her favorite people bond. Little does she know what’s about to hit her.

Unprovoked, Niniola started telling Tunde how Adeshewa had an abortion when she was in the university and how her womb got damaged then. She went on and on, sharing the darkest secrets her best friend had shared with her. Although Adeshewa tried to dismiss the leaked information with smiles, Nini insisted the truth was worth sharing.


With shock and disbelief all over his face, Tunde left the restaurant angrily. “Babe, babe, listen to me, it’s not true. Nini is only joking” Adeshewa said while following him, trying to stop him.

“Don’t even dare. Let’s assume it’s a joke. What sort of joke is that and why is your best friend insisting it’s not a joke?” Tunde asked.

“I am so sorry. I can explain” Adeshewa replied

“Really? You can explain? Don’t even bother. I don’t want to hear it. In fact, I don’t ever want to see you again”, Tunde said, shoving Shewa aside and walking away.

Adeshewa returned to the restaurant to confront Niniola. She told Niniola they will never be friends again, never ever.

“A friendly fire burns the deepest and I’m not afraid to put this out while I can” With her mouth agape, a tearful Adeshewa storms out.

Summarily, the saddest thing about betrayals is that it never comes from enemies. Many people are not going to lose friends but rather realize that they never had one. Try to pay less attention to what people say and more attention to what people do. That way, you will know who is real and who is not because it is always easier to forgive an enemy than to pardon a friend.

Written by: Josh Padonu.

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